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While there is no exact definition for "art law," it involves a combination of property law,​ contract law​, intellectual property law, among others. All "creatives" deal with Art Law issues.



What this firm does:


Professionals in creative businesses face unique issues due to their unique situations. AKL uses out-of-the-box creative ways to solve creatives' legal issues.

  • Set up your creative business

  • Review and/or draft contracts related to the unique needs of your creative business

  • Handle intellectual property issues related to and/or arising from creative works works

  • Negotiate and handle business transactions with third-parties

  • Protect the legal aspects of your creative business


Some examples of creative business include:


  • Writer

  • Silverware designer

  • Carpet Designer

  • Toy Designer

  • Artists of all types

  • App Developer

  • Textile Designer

  • Interior Designer

  • Architecture

  • Package Designer


AKL handles Trademark & Copyright issues in EVERY STATE in the USA!


Learn more about AKL's services through these quick links:


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Fashion Industry

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Watch the owner of the firm in this Morgan Stanley commercial:




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(212) 729-6153

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