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The beauty industry is booming. That means, there is a lot more competition for brands but a lot more options for consumers. 

Make sure your beauty business and brand are protected at an early stage so you can focus on growth. 

AKL can help you with with the legal necessities of your beauty business. 




What this firm does:


AKL handles the legal aspects of your beauty business, from inception to conclusion.


  • Start your beauty business (LLC, Inc., etc...)

  • Review, draft, and negotiate contracts such as manufacture's agreement, distributor's agreement, non-compete agreement, modeling/influencer contract, etc...

  • Protect your beauty brand through the use of trademark and copyright laws

  • Minimize the possibility of legal issues from the very beginning so you can focus on growing your business and your brand

  • Represent your company and negotiate deals for licensing of your trademark(s) copyright(s)

  • Assist you in the sale or dissolution of your business to ensure that all your rights are protected

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AKL handles Trademark & Copyright issues in EVERY STATE in the USA!


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