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Serious Entrepreneur: Pet Professional

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Yvonne DiVita, Co-Founder of Blogpaws

Industry: Pets

BlogPaws is an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media. It connects brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other, 24/7/365.

How long has your business been in existence?

We started BlogPaws in 2009, but held out first amazing social media focused conference in April of 2010.

What made you decide to start your own business?

In 2009, at a BlogHer conference, Caroline Golon, Tom Collins, myself, and a few other pet bloggers we amazed at the high activity and strong interest in the bloggers. Brands were literally throwing themselves at these women, begging them to write about them on their blogs. “Why isn’t anyone in the pet industry doing this,” we all thought. “Hey, we are just like ‘mommy’ bloggers,” we said. “But our kids are better behaved,” laughed one girl. At that moment, Tom, Caroline and I knew we had an opportunity to connect pet bloggers in a community, and create a way for them to network with each other face to face, while also meeting pet brands face to face. BlogPaws was born and our first conference attracted over 200 attendees, both bloggers and brands.

What is the biggest challenge for a small business owner in your industry?

We are still teaching our bloggers how to be business owners. They are so talented and so dedicated to their purpose, serving pets everywhere, that they just want recognition and reward for the hard work of blogging. We give that to them by not only providing opportunities to work with brands, but by also teaching them how to be business owners, as that continues to be a prime concern. Being in business requires attention to more than the writing on your blog. I have to say, I’m impressed with how the bloggers are grabbing the instruction we offer and eagerly building their businesses online.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We go above and beyond for all of our folks. That means, we give 110% to the brands we work with and 150% to the bloggers. Our prime focus is on working with the bloggers because they are the reason we exist. We’re not purr-fect – who is? But, as bloggers ourselves, as folks who started in the very same places many of our bloggers are now, we know the struggles and pitfalls and we have the means to bring on experts to help us to teach others how to overcome those issues.

Who’s your target clientele?

We work to bring on more bloggers, in order to offer our brands a true list of talent. Influencers are of prime importance, but without the brands, none of us can build profit into our business. So, we’re both eager to work with new bloggers, and delighted to bring on new brands. We work with consumer brands and pet brands. After all, our bloggers are people first.

Why is your service(s) necessary/important in your industry?

Nowhere else is the voice of the pet parent as loud as it is at BlogPaws. Without us, without the passionate pet community we’ve developed and continue to nurture, the world might continue to dismiss animals, pets in particular, as unimportant. We know they are vital to the human-animal bond and they provide health benefits as well as being security for some, as well as providing assistance to ill or injured folks, and they are prime in rescue. BlogPaws amplifies the voices of all pets parents and creates a venue to not only share information, but make sure it gets out to the wider world… our voices resonate beyond the globe we call Earth… when we shout, the Universe listens!

In which area(s) do professionals in your industry need most legal help?

1. Intellectual property issues

2. Business development

3. Taxes

What is your advice for others in your industry who are in need of legal help?

We connect with lawyers and other professionals on a regular basis. I often tell our community to contact a lawyer, such as yourself (Shahrina Ankhi-Krol), because we regular folks don’t know what we don’t know, if you will. I might give an opinion to a legal question, but it’s always followed by, “Contact a lawyer.”

What are the top 3 qualities which you think are most important in the selection of a lawyer?

1. Knowledge of the issues. People need to contact and work with lawyers that specialize in whatever their issue is.

2. Approachability. The lawyer really needs to be open, authentic, friendly and willing to meet where the client is most comfortable, which might not be the lawyer’s office.

3. Participation in social media. Yes, lawyers need to learn and participate in social media. It shows they are keeping up with the times.

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Your overall professional experience with Shahrina Ankhi-Krol. Also, would you recommend her?

We had Shahrina speak at BlogPaws and she received rave reviews. I’ve found her so personable and so knowledgeable that I would not hesitate to recommend her, and have recommended her, to my community. I am so confident she ‘gets’ us, she is one of the first people who comes to mind when issues come up that need legal counsel. Indeed, I would recommend her without hesitation!


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