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Serious Entrepreneur: Website Developer

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Ken Braun, Founder of Lounge Lizard

Since 1998, Lounge Lizard has been designing and developing award-winning websites that produces results. It also develops IOS and Android mobile apps and specializes in several marketing services, including search engine optimization, social media management and custom digital marketing campaigns.

Why did you start your own business?

I started Lounge Lizard at a time when digital advertising was exploding and most agencies didn’t know how to create high quality click-through banner ads. At that time, I was working at another agency and my banner ads were getting the highest clicks in the creative department. I decide to get some freelance work and took out a small text ad on site that was then called bannertips.com. Immediately, I got clients and my banner ads performed so well for my clients they just kept ordering more. That is how my freelance side-business became a full-time company.

What was/is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was becoming a boss. I had to switch from being an agency creative to a president of a company, which meant I had to manage employees for the first time in my life. The first year in business, I had six employees and I was dealing with employee issues, rolling out medical insurance plans, obtaining business insurance, doing human resources, and managing the bills. Of course, now, I have employees to handle this, but having to do it all myself in the beginning was a huge learning process and challenge. Looking back, I should have outsourced these responsibilities from the beginning.

What sets you apart from your competition?

What makes Lounge Lizard stand out is our business philosophy of mixing smart brand and marketing strategies with unique and highly creative designs. We don’t

just serve clients with a website or mobile app but invest our time to understand their business objectives, their brand, and their competitive advantages.

Who’s your target clientele?

Anyone looking for a best-in-class website or innovative mobile app.

One overall business advice for other small business owners.

I spoke on this topic to small business owners at Teachers Federal Credit Union. Here’s a great article on the topic including a link to by presentation to over 100 small business owners.

4 Tips to Gain Exposure as a Small Business

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

I like having control over my destiny!

One fun fact about you.

I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I’m actively competing in tournaments. Just recently, I won a match and took the Bronze medal at a World championship tournament in Las Vegas.

Where do you see yourself/your business in the next 5 years?

Doing the same thing. Producing great work. I do however have an interest in creating and developing mobile app games. I have lots of ideas for games; just need the time to produce them.

What type of legal help does your industry usually need?

Trademark and copyright services is always in need in addition to contract reviews.

What’s your advice for others in your industries that are in need of legal help?

Find a lawyer with a great reputation who always looks after client’s best interests. We always look for lawyers who have been named Super Lawyers and have an Avvo rating of excellent.

If applicable, what service(s) did you use Ankhi-Krol Law for?

Trademark and copyright services, contract review, and business advice. Recently Ankhi-Krol Law negotiated and won a pre-trial settlement for our small business.

Why is that service(s) necessary/important in your industry?

Getting proper trademark and copyright services from professionals that have this core experience is critical to protecting yourself and your company from potential infringement liability. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Getting an outside opinion and advice on contract law is also very important to keep your business protected.

What was your overall professional experience with Ankhi-Krol Law?

We are very happy with the services of Ankhi-Krol Law. Shahrina from Ankhi-Krol Law is my company's Super Lawyer. Shahrina is a true professional that always has her client's best interests at heart. We will gladly continue to us Ankhi-Krol Law and refer them to our clients and friends.


About Ankhi-Krol Law

Ankhi-Krol Law is a boutique law firm located in the heart of Midtown, New York City. The firm takes pride in working with ALL types of businesses in the areas of:

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Niche focus in the following industries: Fashion, Creatives, Pet Industry

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol is the founder of Ankhi-Krol Law. She started the law firm with the goal of providing accessible and transparent legal representation to small business owners after noticing that small business owners are often uninformed or ill-informed of the law. As a result, they either attempt to solve legal problems on their own or do nothing at all. Both courses of action are dangerous as “un-doing” a legal mistake – either through misfeasance or non-feasance – costs more money and time than would have been spent if the business owners obtained legal counsel from the start. Ms. Ankhi-Krol not only provides legal representation, but also provides business counseling to her clients in order to identify and address small problems before they become unmanageable.

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