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Business Law covers various needs of a business, such as formation, maintenance, and dissolution of business entities like  corporations, LLCs, and partnerships, among others.


Ankhi-Krol Law ("AKL") helps its clients in all legal aspects of their business.


We work with Start-Ups and Established Small Businesses


What this firm does:

AKL is the ONE-STOP-LEGAL-SHOP for your small business. All the legal services you need - under one roof!

Select the right business entity

The structure of your business will have major lasting implications such as taxes, formalities, costs, etc... AKL helps you select the best business structure after discussing your needs, wants, and long-term goals and providing you with the pros and cons of each type of entity.



Business formation

Once you select your business structure, AKL handles the entire formation process.

- Sole Proprietor

- Corporation

- Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

- Partnership

Protect the client/business' legal interests

AKL strives to minimize the likelihood of future legal problems or issues by having frequent communication with its clients and by advising them of potential problems. AKL encourages its clients to be proactive in protecting its interests.



Sale or termination of business

Whether you decide to dissolve your business or sell it, AKL can help you. AKL handles everything from legal negotiations to all necessary paperwork.



Review and/or draft custom contracts

Having the right contract(s) can be the make-or-break of your business. Before signing a contract, it is always a great idea to have an attorney review it on your behalf to avoid traps which may not be familiar to you. Also, make sure you have the correct contracts in place to properly conduct your business. AKL can draft custom contracts for your business. Check out the Contract Law page for more details!

Have a business related question not addressed here? Contact us!

Ankhi-Krol Law ("AKL") handles Trademark & Copyright issues in EVERY STATE in the USA!


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