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"I believe in building strong partnerships with my clients through working towards a common goal: success.


Some of my clients have been with my firm since its opening in 2012. I have had the great pleasure of helping them them succeed, exceed their expectations, and even start over. Gaining my clients' trust and confidence is my continuous goal and I hope to continue building lasting relationships with them for years to come."

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Esq.

Founder & Owner of Ankhi-Krol Law

Video Testimonials

Thank you to all my clients who have left kind and generous testimonials regarding their experiences with my firm. A special thank you to the clients below who took time out of their busy lives to record the video testimonials. 

Michael G.

I used this firm to start my business not knowing what else I needed. I thought that was all a business needs but there was so much more like protecting my business name and logo with trademark. Also did a couple of contracts to use with my customers. I'm glad I came here because Shahrina explained things to me in a way other lawyers did not. She used simple terms to really make sure I knew my choices and no slimy business. Great lawyer for small businesses!

Petia A.

I engaged Ms. Ankhi-Krol to advise and assist me in handling an incident where a client attempted to breach our contract. I highly recommend her services! She thoroughly reviewed the situation and gave excellent advice on the steps I should take to resolve the problem before it became overly litigious.

Jonathan F.

The transparency and diligence that was taken through the most trying time of the last century deserves recognition: Shahrina regularly provided updates and detailed follow-ups to expedite the process -- as much as she could control. In addition, she answered questions and inquiries with clarity. Her experience shines.

Michelle R.

I have been working with Shahrina for the past 2 years. She has done the Trade Mark for my company and branded one of my products.
Now she is also taking care of a legal situation that I have with a contractor.
I only have good words for her. She's is efficient, reliable, very responsable, very professional and a very good person. I really thank the day we crossed paths and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of the legal services that she provides. It's a win win.

Wiley K.

We highly recommend the legal services of Shahrina Ankhi-Krol. She has expertly assisted in reviewing/editing our client contract and also advised and guided us through a complicated client dispute. Her professionalism and expertise are invaluable to our design business. Working with Shahrina is a total pleasure.

Taylor H.

I am such perfectionist and everything about starting a business properly seems so overwhelming to me. So, I made a wise decision to schedule a legal consultation with Ms. Ankhi-Krol. I had a lot of questions to ask. She was very patient with me and answered every question thoroughly. She is knowledgeable in her field, which gave me peace of mind. Although I struggle with the fear of failure, she gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Ms. Ankhi-Krol was a pleasure to speak with. I will definitely be using her services in the near future.

Joshua S.

Shahrina and Ankhi-Krol law are uniquely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and honest. Their competence and dedication made Ankhi-Krol an easy choice for me— not to mention her ability to tell it like it is. You won’t find anyone better!

Yvonne D.

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol brings more than experience and knowledge to every meeting with new clients or established clients. She is relatable. She knows what it means to be a small business. I once attended a workshop she gave at a rather good sized conference, and her willingness to share her story and her experience/knowledge was remarkable.

As with everything she does, she brings an essence of approachability that few others in her profession have. Never doubt she can deal with your issue, but always know she does it with the person in mind; the person she is working for, the person who needs her help, the person you are, we are, with dreams and ideas for a successful business.

I continue to work with Shahrina, on collaborations and other ideas, and I recommend her to any small business with the highest regard. Working with Shahrina you get a real person, not a talking head. Your business will always be better off if she's on your side for anything you need!

Ani P.

I couldn't recommend anyone more efficient and professional than Shahrina. There aren't a lot of people who answer every email in a timely manner like she does. Having her help me with my trademark and company contracts really felt as she was a member of my team. Shahrina's services are a great asset to any growing company.

Sonya R.

It was a pleasure to work with Shahrina on my trademark filing. Shahrina helped me understand the process, while completely managing the filing from beginning to end. Working with Shahrina was like having another member on my team. Highly recommend! - Update - 6 years later when my trademark section 8 filing was due, Shahrina continues to deliver high quality service, consultation and support with this additional renewal component of the trademark process. Shahrina is a great resource!

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