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Creative Industry

Ankhi-Krol Law provides specialized legal services to clients in the Creative Industry. Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Esq., the firm's founder, is not only an experienced attorney but is also a well-versed social media user. As a result, she has unique insights into the legal challenges faced by creatives, influencers, and businesses that utilize social media.

Ms. Ankhi-Krol's experience as a regular social media user gives her a distinct advantage when it comes to providing legal guidance to influencers and businesses in the Creative Industry. Whether you're an artist, musician, model, or the owner of a unique creative business, she has the expertise and resources to provide you with comprehensive and effective legal representation.

Ankhi-Krol Law can help you navigate complex legal matters affecting your creative business, such as, business, contract, trademark, and copyright laws. With Ms. Ankhi-Krol's guidance, you can focus on your creative pursuits while knowing your legal matters are in good hands.

Ankhi-Krol Law handles all aspects of your creative business, from concept to conclusion.

Below are some examples of how Ankhi-Krol Law can help you.

  • Help you to select the correct legal entity type for your creative business (LLC; Corporation; partnership; etc...)

  • Start your creative business 

  • Review, draft, and/or negotiate creative business contracts

  • Breach of contract issues

  • Protect your creative business name, logo, and/or slogan through the use of trademark law

  • Protect your original creative work (ie: book; artwork; photography; etc...) through the use of copyright law

  • Prosecute and defend trademark and copyright infringement

  • Send cease and desist letters

  • Respond to cease and desist letters

  • Minimize chances of legal mishap by utilizing proactive legal tools

  • License trademark and/or copyright related to your creative business

  • Demand letters and litigation 

  • Assist in the sale or dissolution of your creative business

...and more

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