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Pet Industry


Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Esq., with her beloved dog, Merlin.

Ankhi-Krol Law is dedicated to serving the legal needs of pet businesses. As a pet business owner, you face unique legal challenges in the areas of business law, contract law, and intellectual property law. Ankhi-Krol Law focuses on those areas of law to provide you with the best legal counsel possible. From helping you select and form the proper business entity, to utilizing the proper business contracts, to protecting your brand with trademarks and copyright laws, Ankhi-Krol Law is committed to helping your pet business thrive.


The founder, Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Esq., is an animal lover who truly understands the pet industry. She appreciates the deep passion that is the driving force behind every single pet business and enjoys working with pet industry clients for that very reason. She understands the people, the passion, and the professions in the industry. She just "gets it."

Ms. Ankhi-Krol is a well-known figure in the pet industry and has given numerous talks and presentations to the pet business community, at conferences such as, Barkleigh, Intergroom, The International Boarding & Pet Services Association ("IBPSA"), Pet Sitters International ("PSI"), Pet Care Start Up, Pet World Insider, BlogPaws, Women in the Pet Industry, and more.


Ankhi-Krol Law will work with you, as a team, to ensure your legal needs are met. With Ms. Ankhi-Krol's expertise and dedication to your success, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet business is in the best legal hands.

Ankhi-Krol Law provides custom-tailored solutions to meet the legal needs of the pet industry, including:

  • Help you to select the correct legal entity type for your pet business (LLC; Corporation; partnership; etc...)

  • Start your pet business

  • Review, draft, and/or negotiate pet business contracts

  • Breach of contract issues

  • Protect your pet business name, logo, and/or slogan through the use of trademark law

  • Protect your original pet-related work (ie: book; artwork; photography; etc...) through the use of copyright law

  • Prosecute and defend trademark and copyright infringement

  • Send and respond to cease and desist letters

  • Minimize chances of legal mishap by utilizing proactive legal tools

  • License trademark and/or copyright related to your pet business

  • Demand letters and litigation 

  • Assist in the sale or dissolution of your pet business

Some examples of past pet business clients include:


  • Pet fashion designer

  • Pet grooming

  • Pet product manufacturer

  • Pet treats

  • Pet food 

  • Pet medicine 

  • Pet calendar and books

  • Pet product distributor/retailer

  • Author of pet-related literature

  • Pet industry public relations firm

  • Pet lifestyle brands

  • Pet loss prevention organization

  • Pet boarding and daycare

  • Pet transportation services

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