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Offer + Acceptance + Consideration = Contract

​ Formalized oral or written agreement between two or more parties associated with the exchange of goods, services, property, money, etc...



What this firm does:


  • ​Draft contract from scratch based on client needs

  • Review and edit contract to protect client rights

  • Contract dispute resolution

  • Contract terms negotiation

  • Breach of contract issues

  • Enforcement of contract terms

  • Debt collection due to violation of contract terms



Some examples of contracts include:


  • Bylaws

  • Partnership Agreement

  • Operating Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Non-Compete Agreement

  • Manufacturing Agreement

  • Distribution Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Subscription Agreement

  • Publisher's Agreement

  • Licensing Agreement

  • Model Release Agreement

  • Privacy Policy  (website or product)

  • Terms and Conditions (website or product)

  • Terms of Use (website or product)

  • Promissory Note

  • Services Agreement

  • Subscription Agreement 

  • Shareholder Agreement


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